Monday, August 30, 2010


Well today would in fact be my first day of my senior year. I can't believe my senior year is here. It has gone by so fast and I really can't believe it. I do not like this whole "growing up" thing. It's sad and I just wish I were still a little kid! It is extremely overwhelming to think about all these decisions I will be having to make in the next year. I still have a long time to think about it so that good. So I am not an "official" senior right now because i am behind in school but that will soon change. Sadly last school year I got behind in my school work and I'm regretting all those procrastinating thoughts right about now. So today on my first day of school I actually had to take an exam. It was a great way to start off the school year. I spent 3 hours at Panera Bread studying. I love when I go there and work because mark will always give me a discount on food :). Well I felt pretty confident that I did well on the exam so that was good. I am so excited to get going with school. I just can't wait for the feeling of accomplishment and relief when this high school thing is over...Forever!! I am determined to get caught up even though that means I will have to work like 24/7. Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Coming Back

So right now I am on my way back to Maryland. I am on this bus that has internet access which is really nice. I am about to watch the movie- The Proposal on Netflix Instand Watch- oh how i love that thing. Well overall nannying went really well. They were such a great family and everything was the opposite of what I expected. I found out that the Dad of this family actually grew up in a Mormon family and went on a mission to Ecuador and everything. Sadly he fell out of the church but they still are the nicest family I could have asked for. It was still pretty neat to find out all that stuff...I mean what are the odds. Also, the Hamptons was definitely different then I thought. I thought it would be this big town and lots of people but it was the complete opposite. It was such a small town and there were no big stores. The farmers market, Library, the beach, and eating places were within a 5 minute walk. The other towns were really close by and still had such a low key vibe. So Amanda was in the Hamptons as well and she got off in the morning so we planned to leave together. Before we had to leave we wanted to have some fun! We walked to the beach and relaxed. We got in the water which was soooo cold but after a while it warmed up. The waves were so nice and it was the perfect way to end the week. It was so nice to spend that time with Amanda. So we headed back to the city and were planning on getting dinner and then I would catch a bus home. We walked around Washington Square and that area. We saw this guy making this beautiful piece of art on the ground just with different colors of sand. It was so cool. We ended up going to "The best pizza place in New York" , at least the Food Network said that for three years and running. Hahah. It was the Bleecker Street pizza and it was so yummy and cheap. I totally recommend that place!! I had such a fun time this past week and a half. It was so nice to do something different and get out. Well back to Maryland and reality.

- Me on the last day at there house

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New York City

So these are some photos I took while in New York City. Warning: Picture Overload!
Well so far nannying for this family is going well. The parents are super nice and so cool. They play and hang out with there children all the time and there such a cool family. The dad just left so its just the Mom and the two boys now- Theo and Finn, and the dog, Ottis. All funny names. Well probably the highlight of the week so far is the fact that Gweneth Paltrow and Chris Martin- Coldplay, live at the house four doors down from where this family lives. Coldplay is my favorite band and its so cool to think that they are so close. There is a slim chance I am going to see them but wouldn't that be awesome!
Outside William and Amanda's Apartment.

Amanda took some time of work and walked me around New York City. She was my personal tour guide. I saw some really neat places. Even though it was extremely hot it was totally worth it! Thanks Amanda :)
Very tired feet
We all went golfing one night which was so fun! The water was right there and it was so pretty.
William and I racing each other back home after golfing. so fun

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York

Some of the photos Amanda took which i thought were so cool.

So at the beginning of the week Amanda called me and told me that a lady she knew was looking for a nanny for two weeks to come to the Hamptons with them. Surprisingly i said yes but I decided only to do one week because two weeks just seemed too long. So right now i am in New York for one day visiting Will and Amanda and then tomorrow morning I am off to the Hamptons. I am really excited! I have never really gone somewhere alone or without people I really know but it should be fun! I looked at some of the photos Amanda has taken and mine probably couldn't even compare. They inspired me so while William and Amanda are working today I am going to go and attempt at taking some cool photos of the city. Attempt :) .

Friday, August 6, 2010

Annabelle's Birthday!

On Annabelle's actual birthday we went to this place in Frederick which had lots of fun things to do. Annabelle and Kayla had fun riding the little kid rides again and again. Later on that week we all got together to have a party at Brad's parents house. We played Volleyball in the pool and had a lot of fun!
Princess Movie!!! Annabelle's favorite.
Annabelle's new coloring books
Brads mom made this amazing Princess castle cake. I was blown away. It was so pretty no one wanted to eat it and Annabelle just loved it!
Admiring her castle cake..
Trying so hard to blow out her 2 candles
Digging in..
We all got in and played some really fun games of Volleyball!!
Annabelle in her new princess dress that Grandma got her :) She loved it!!
late night sparklers..
The party was so fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNABELLE!