Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Time

So the summer has almost begun and I already have done so many fun things. As I said before Lauren has been visiting for a little bit. We have had so much fun. We really wanted to go kayaking so we went to Riley's Lock. It was some adventure. Even though it wasn't sunny or really hot it was still nice so we got in and swam around. It was so fun to be out in the water all by ourselves and the water surprisingly wasn't too cold. Just our luck right when we were putting the kayaks in the car the sun came out.Also, while Lauren was here we went to potbelly's I think 4 or 5 times. I think we were kind of addicted. I just love when they yell as loud as they can "Chocolate Shake" through out the entire store. Really funny to watch. Lauren and I went to Riley's Lock again and planned on just relaxing and reading our books..didn't happen. I brought my camera to take some neat pictures and since lauren is really into modeling I thought I would practice my photography skills. We both established that we are perfect friends because she is the model and I am the photographer. I am already scheduled to be the photographer at her wedding!I don't know how long Lauren and I have been obsessed with the movie "Cat in the Hat" with Mike Myers. We love it for some odd reason. We watched it and I really felt like I was 8 years old again. And I introduced Lauren to one of my favorites- Pink Panther 2. I got her quoting it the rest of the trip.
Sadly Lauren has left but I had so much fun!

Lauren and I tried to take over each others job
This was the first of many times to Rio to get Potbelly's
And how could I forget about my weekly and sometimes daily sushi run with Allison. I could have sushi everyday! It is soooo good

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Highlights

These are some highlights that have happened lately :)

Seeing Annabelle's "Happy Face"...never gets old
A huge highlight of my year will be when Sara has a new little girl..CAN NOT WAIT!!!
Getting flowers for my Birthday:)
Babysat Annabelle and had so much fun reading books and playing
Watching Kayla play in her pool while chilling on the hammock

Watching Kayla pick up about 20 dandy lions and trying to blow all of them

Well its been a good couple of months!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This post is just a bunch of little stuff that has happened recently. I went to Youth Conference and it was so fun.Lauren was able to come which was so fun!I never really put a lot of thought into the history and the beginning of the church. It was so neat to see all the places where Joseph Smith lived and had revelations. The Kirtland Temple was amazing and to think that so many amazing things happened there is magnificent. The entire trip I was in shock and awe of how many hard things Joesph Smith and Emma had to go through. I loved reading about the testimonies of the people who saw the Savior. It truly was amazing. I am so happy I was able to go and learn all this neat stuff. I will never forget it. Also, Kayla got her new "big" girl bed and loves it. The first night she didn't want to sleep in it but when it comes to play time she loves to jump and read in it. Day by day she is warming up to actually spending the night in it. The summer has come and I just love all the beautiful flowers and hopefully I will get some neat shots.Thats all for now:)

Learning about Color accents on the camera..obsessed
YAY for 7 hour bus rides!!
Our stake at the Kirtland Temple

Lauren came!!It was so fun to see her again and I was so happy she could come

Kayla has been loving her new bed. She could not stop smiling and freaking out over her new flower reading pillow she got. She could not stop reading in it. So adorable
When Annabelle came over they cuddled together and loved playing peekaboo. After a while they started fighting over the famous "flower" pillow. They are so cute together:)
My parents built a little fireplace in the backyard. I just love it
I especially love how easy it is to make s'mores all the time. I am now the pro at getting it perfectly brown
I just can't get enough of all the green trees!I think this is beautiful! I actually had to trespass to get this picture:/

Click it to see a larger picture but I just love this one!

I just love this. This is one of my favorite places and I just love to see the different seasons