Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well Christmas this year was one to remember. It was filled with such great memories. I loved being the wrapping elf in the basement where Will let me use his Ipad to listen to christmas music. I loved staying up late and finally watching the presents come up from the basement when everyone was sleeping after all these years I finally know where they come from:)
I loved during our little family scripture time Kayla was telling us all about baby Jesus while playing with the Nativity sets. It's amazing how much she knows. I love the chaos of everyone trying to get everything wrapped and people yelling, "Don't come downstairs or close your eyes!" I love that this year I got to sleep right next to the tree. All the beds were taken so I was lucky enough to sleep there. We were all laughing at the thought of everybody coming down in the morning and everything was opened..whoops! The big thing this year was Kayla's baby obsession. She saw this baby set online and looked at it and said," I want all of it". So she got all of it. It included basically everything a baby needs and about 6 babies!!! Yikes. and yes I had to sleep with all of them staring at me. When they both came downstairs, Kayla was so overwhelmed and went into Adrienne's lap. Annabelle was very different, she stood there for about 2 minutes with her mouth wide open. It was hilarious!!!! I loved when Annabelle poured her stocking out filled with lots of toys and candy and the only thing she grabs is her new toothbrush and yells" I want to brush my teeth!!!".
I really love seeing the joy of when someone wants to give someone else there gift. I love chirstmas morning and the joy that it brings. It's just not the presents but the feeling of being around family and its a great time. There is always a sentimental gift given. I love seeing my mom or dad tear up really easily. Luckily this year I got a good one. I made my mom a collage of the family and gave her a picture of her and I. My dad really wanted a picture of him and I and I loved pointing out to the family that both frames are on the mantle. I'm thinking favorite child??haha. I loved having William and Amanda come down and Sara and Brad spend the night. We usually always go see a movie on Christmas afternoon so we saw Tron. It was interesting..It was in 3-D. Not sure if I like that but the movie was filled with action and it was fun to see. Christmas was great this year! Not that anyone even looks at my millions of pictures but like always there are tons! (Click to enlarge)

PS. We all noticed that it started to snow Christmas morning and then it stopped in the afternoon. It was picture perfect. just magical

Christmas Eve Pictures. We had a great night filled with good memories. After some scriptures and some words from everyone we all talked about how we missed mark. :(
We all missed this guy so much! Wasn't the same without him. Good job working!
The fishers slept over!!! Loved having them there except for the unexpected throw up mess that Annabelle left in my room. I'm thinking too much late night candy..
Sara got a new kitchen tool....yikes!
I got a Costco certificate and the first thing I say after Thanks of course is how much?? Everyone was laughing so hard. I mean I was just curious..
haha finally after 3 years of wanting some decent boots..I guess santa is real:)
My -Dad....No you did not. face.
cutest smile ever!!
The "Bill you didn't!!" Look.
Matching sweatshirts!!
Cute moment
Kayla and her new bike! She loves going around and around the kitchen.
Gotta love this time of year!! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The other night we went to see the Temple lights. It was freezing!!!!! So we walked really fast around the lights and rushed inside the warm visitor center. All the nativities were set up and they were all beautiful! It was really fun to see Kayla see all the nativities because she is OBSESSED with them. We have to hide the little baby Jesus around the house before she breaks the rest of them. When she saw all of them she couldn't believe her eyes! she loved it. The temple lights were of course beautiful!
Annabelle's face when we got out of the car and she saw the temple! she was so exicted.
When we were driving to get into the parking space we were like a 1/2 mile away from the visitor center and Annabelle see's the statue of Jesus and yells " I see him, I see him" It was so funny. she has good vision!
I love this had such beautiful pastel colors in it
Kayla wanted to go up and touch everything but I told her she could get a picture with themand that made her happyEveryone was sitting on the other couch and I was sitting all by myself..
so my dad wanted to take a picture of me all by myself.I was laughing so hard becuase I looked like a loner...
but luckily sara was nice enough to come and help me out! thanks

Florida Trip

A couple days before Thanksgiving I went to Florida with Sara and Brads Family. We went to Universal the first 2 days. The main event was going to Harry Potter World!! I was so excited and had no idea what to expect. Potter world was insane! It looked incredible and it was packed with people. There were long lines to even get into the stores. The castle looked so real and it was huge!! All the store windows had things in them from the movie. It was so neat..we even got butterbeer!! It was interesting. In the evening we went over to the big ride in the castle! We didn't feel like waiting in a 2 hour wait so we decided it would be easier if we went into the Single Rider line. What a joke! We ran through the entire line and got right on with our group. I couldn't believe we all sat with each other! The ride was awesome!!!! The ride felt like you were flying with harry and Ron over Hogwarts. You were playing quidditch and death eaters would pop out at you and the huge spider. I could
literally go on forever but basically it was awesome and felt so real!!! I loved all the other rides including the hulk, the mummy, spider man, the dragon challenge, the crazy water ride, the Poseidon adventure. and every other ride! It was so much fun and I had a blast! My last day we went to the beach house Brad's family got and played there during the day. It was amazing weather and I had such a good time. That evening I tried to take some family pictures of Sara and Brad and the girls. How fun that was. Annabelle couldn't have been better...Not! She was not in the mood at all--throwing sand everywhere, eating it, sticking her tongue out. It was a joke. My favorite memory of the entire thing was at one point I remember me telling Annabelle that if she was good Sara would give her so many toys and tons of ice cream! hahah it was so funny. Luckily we got a good one and it looks great! Thanks so much to the Fishers and Sara and Brad for having me. I had a blast:) Lots of pictures:

Butterbeer! They had really cool mugs
Love was perfect
Me and my little Sand castle buddy!
Annabelle had such a fun time at the beach. She loved playing the sand and running around!
Julia happy as can be in her Bumbo sitting on the beach..she is so cute I just love her!
My trip ended with a beautiful sunset. The weather was amazing!!!! I MISS IT!!