Thursday, May 13, 2010

16 going on 17...

So I turned 17 last week and it was so weird and fun at the same time.I cant believe i am this old. It is going by so fast and i don't know if i like it! So Allison and I had some plans for the beginning of the day and lets just say they didn't really go to plan. I really wanted these new sandals and so we drove all the way to the mall to get it over with and it was closed!So annoying. We then went to the nail place to get my nails done, my mom was so nice and got me one. But right when we got there we realized we didn't have her wallet. We got home and realized the only thing we accomplished was putting more miles on the car.By the end of the day we went back. I was looking forward to going on a bike ride or a hike all week so we went down to the canal and wanted to hike on the Billy Goat Trail. Just our luck- we got there and there was a ton of construction going on and we could not find the trail:( I was so disappointed but that quickly went away with a trip to Coldstone's with Allison:) I really wanted to do something different than the usual "favorite dinner" at home on my birthday. So I decided I wanted to go down to the Riley's Lock and do hot dogs and s'mores. It was so pretty down there and such a nice evening!Had a really good to remember:)

Annabelle could not stop eating Cheetos..she got really messy

All the girls except amanda..we missed you guys!!!

Roasting S' good!

Finally got a hug out of this one.

YUMMY oreo cake!!!