Friday, July 23, 2010

Allison's Birthday!

So Yesterday was Allison's 24th Birthday!!!! I love allison so much! She is an awesome sister. Let me tell you why. No matter what day of the week or time of the day (well except Tuesdays because there closed)..Allison and I always go to sushi together! We love talking about all the people who work there and making fun of the new people who are slow and don't know what there doing.haha. Sometimes if one of us isn't in the mood to go so we say, "okay i will pay for you".. surprise surprise that makes us get up and go. I love that Allison is living at the house because that means i get to hang out with her alot! Sadly in the recent months she got a job and i feel like I barely see her:( Allison is one of the few people I can be crazy with and have such a good time with. One of my favorite memories of Allison is since she moved back in a couple months ago I have been cleaning her room once in a while just to be nice. For some odd reason she lets her room get so dirty so quickly..Allison knows that it bugs me when its a mess and she knows I will most likely clean it for her within a few days. I don't mind at all but last week her room was a disaster. I thought she was just being lazy and not cleaning it. I was thinking to myself and I figured out why she let her room get so bad...she was waiting for me to clean it for her...evil plan. I told this to her and she starting laughing and admitting it to me. This is just one of the many funny stories that i have shared will Allison. She makes me laugh. Allison has a great sense of humor, amazing style, is gorgeous, such a peacemaker, and shares the same desire for food like i do!haha.

For Allison's birthday we all got together and had dinner. Since Allison loves sushi and Chinese food my mom got tons of it for dinner. It was soooo good!

Annabelle trying to figure out how to work the chopsticks
Kayla and Annabelle had so much fun singing our Happy Birthday song!!
Annabelle practicing blowing out some candles for her upcoming birthday!!

Some of my favorites of me and Allison :)
Love you Al :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Attempted Photo shoot with Annabelle and the baby
As you can see no one was really in the mood for photos
We walked in and Kayla fell asleep like this!
Sara, Annabelle,my mom, me and the baby all went to this fun bounce place called Monkey Joe's~it was a blast!

I love this one :)
Annabelle and Kayla having fun in the pool

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prison Break

So this is a really pointless post but in a couple of years I want to look back and remember how much i loved this show. Sara and Brad introduced me to a show called Prison Break. I had heard about it but was not really interested because i thought it was going to be stupid. They break out and are on the run and then are caught..woopdy-do! So i watched one episode and was hooked. I went home that night and watched about 7 episodes until 3 am. I LOVED the show. Sara and Brad have Netflix and they let me use there account which made it a lot easier and I never new Netflix was so amazing!Its a little violent at times but it is has so much drama,action and basically everything else. Luckily i was sick with the flu for a couple of days so I had the perfect excuse to watch the show. Sad to say I finished all 4 seasons within 5 days. Yeah i had a problem. Embarrassing to say but I teared up while watching that show a lot. The last few episodes were was about 2 in the morning and it was the last 2 episodes so i had to watch them. Maybe it was just late and I was really tired but the last 2 episodes there were parts where i was literally crying. I'm not going to give it away but it was sad. Embarrassing i know. So besides all the main reasons to love the show there was a main reason i LOVED the show..his name is Wentworth Miller. Enough said. I had never heard of him until watching the show. He was the main character and all I'm going to say is he is my new favorite actor. I mean look at him he is just beautiful :)I just love him. So this might be the most pointless post ever but I just thought I would put it out there: If you haven't watched Prison Break yet go and watch it.
Wentworth Miller.
Sorry for whoever read my pointless post about my recent obsession..this just sounded much more exciting than doing my math test!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


For the July 4th weekend our family thought it would be fun to go camping in Deep Creek Lake. It was so fun to have Adrienne and Kayla there. Sadly mark couldn't come because he had to work..responsibilities..yuck. Allison was able to make it up the last few days which was nice. Our campsite was really nice and I just love getting settled in and just enjoying a nice campfire. The first day we went for a boat ride and we stopped and swam for a while. Kayla wanted to get in the tube so we put her in it not knowing she would love it. We let the tube float around and Kayla was having a blast! Sara and Brad were able to come up for a few days too which was so fun. One of the highlights of the trip was when Allison and I embarked on a journey we thought was going to be easy….oh how we were wrong. We all wanted to go kayaking but we were short one so we borrowed the 2 man kayak that the parsons had. We told the rest of them we would meet them by the state park. Allison and I were halfway down the cove and were basically dying! And if someone would happen to ask Allison she would probably deny it. There was no way we were going to make it there. Allison and I decided that we would look like ridiculous if we couldn’t even make it to the end of the we came up with some ideas or I should say I did. We tried to sing the Mulan songs but couldn’t remember the words and were too tired to really sing. I came up with the idea of quoting movies. I am obsessed with Pink Panther 2 so I quoted that movie from the beginning to the end. That never gets old. Allison loved it and it took the pain off our minds and got a lot further. By the end the pain in our arms was numb and we were able to make it. So we got there and we couldn't find anybody so I had to walk all the way up to the campsite to see what the deal was…let me add that I had no shoes. FUN! Not. What happened was that they hadn't even left because they thought we would take forever to get to the state park and they didn't want to wait around for us. So basically they thought we were slow pokes. That was harsh. So the moral of the story is: bring shoes on your kayak just in case anything happens. The rest of the trip was really fun! On Sunday we all went to Swallow Falls which was so pretty. I was able to water ski for the first time in about 3 years. I was so happy I even got up…still sore though. Overall it was a great trip and had a lot of fun! And as always I posted a lot of pictures

Adrienne loving the air mattress!
Our Campsite
I love Deep Creek it is soooo pretty
She was so happy!! :)
Kayla in her little pool
Kayla trying to relax
I love camping.
One of Kayla's favorites Hot dogs and Mac and Cheese
Everyone was gone so Kayla and I ate dinner and took a walk...we bonded..haha
Both girls fell asleep on the way to Swallow Falls..perfect timing
Allison trying to ignore the camera..what a surprise
Annabelle being goofy
Kayla trying not to get her dress wet
A beautiful flower I found.

Brad and Annabelle wrestling in the tent
Grandma "trying" to put Annabelle down for a nap..she couldn't stop playing around
Little Lily with her little July 4th outfit!
I was very bored.

Sara and Brad watched the fireworks from the bed of there car