Sunday, December 25, 2011


It was nice to be able to go to church on Christmas this year and take a second to remember what it's really all about. After church we opened gifts and the rest of the day was spent eating, watching movies, everyone taking turns in the new foot massager, taking naps, and more eating. It was a good day!

The biggest Reese's cup ever!

You can never get too old to play some good old Operation!

My mom loved her photo calendar

Kayla and Annabelle loved playing Operation

Julia hugging her present

My mom was so excited for her foot massager! I think we all were..

Will's sweet new jacket

All 4 granddaughters together. Best one we could get.

Christmas naps

Christmas dinner


Friday, November 25, 2011

And so it begins...

When Thanksgiving is over the Christmas season has officially begins for me!! So bring on the christmas music, christmas movies, snow, hot chocolate, christmas candles, shopping for presents, the cold, etc. One of my all time favorite christmas movies is Elf. It makes me so happy! So here is a video with some of the best parts of the movie:

Also, I came across this song that Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers song and I absolutely love it. But my favorite christmas song is Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas by Mel Torme but Dollys song is just so fun. Allison has been making fun of me because I love listening to it so much. I find the music video hilarious! Just watch for yourself..

Last of my Maryland Visit

Here are the rest of the pictures from my maryland visit:

went out on a walk and the trees were gorgeous!!!
Haunted forest with Sara and Brad!!
Adrienne's birthday
babysat these girls one night...they are so adorable!!
I met up with Sara the day before i left at the frederick mall. It was so fun to see them again before i had to leave! can't wait to see them again soon!
best buddies!


This year for Thanksgiving we went up to my Aunts house in Salt Lake. Two of our cousins slept over the night before and they rode up with us. It was so fun to spend so much time with extended family and enjoy some good food :)
The rest of the family went up to New York. I was definitely sad I wasn't there but we got to Skype with them which was fun! I couldn't have a Thanksgiving without my moms sour cream apple walnut pie! It's my favorite. Obviously it didn't turn out like hers but I still enjoyed it! I am so thankful for so many things and family is definitely at the top of my list! So i am thankful i got to spend the day with some of them!

The cousin crew
It was a great thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a good one!
Recent pictures...

Allison bought like 20 frames and so we've been doing a lot of spray painting...
The weekend i got back from Maryland, lauren and I stayed inside for 2 whole days and all we did was watch stuff on Netflix and cook food. However we did try to venture out to go see a dollar movie at 11 at night..we brought our blankets and we were so excited but we show up and apparently everyone in Provo wanted to go see a movie that night and it was packed!! So we just went back home and watched more netflix. Such a fun weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New York

Obviously I am playing catch up so here are the pictures from New York! I have been studying like crazy all day for a big exam tomorrow and my brain was in need of a break so I wanted to reminisce on my trip to New York.Warning: longest post ever!
I loved seeing baby Emma and spending time with Will and Amanda. Sara decided to bring Annabelle and it was so fun to see her get so excited about everything!
I found out a week earlier that Coldplay was going to perform at the Today show! Coldplay has always been my favorite band...I just love them! I always have wanted to see them live but there always in London or around the world...i mean what are the odds they were going to play in New York the one weekend I am there?? I was so excited!! So this is going to be long and probably pointless to anyone who reads it but for memory here it goes...
We got to Will and Amanda's place around 2 in the morning. We all were up and started talking about when we were going to go stand in line. Obviously we knew that we weren't going to be close or front row or anything but we still wanted to have somewhat of a good spot. We decided that if we went to bed we probably wouldn't get up and we would just end up watching it on TV or we could leave right then and not go to bed. We decided we should just do it and we waited for Annabelle to go to sleep and then we left. It was around 3 a.m so obviously we needed some food in us to keep us going! We went to Dunkin Doubunts and got drinks and breakfast. Will asked for 2 boston cremes and the guy said "oh they were just made...there too fresh" We got them and they were probably the best donuts we had ever had. So now we know if you want good donuts go at 3 a.m and get the "too fresh" donuts.
Anyways we went to Rockerfeller Center and we show up and we see nobody! We see the stage and some security but there is no one else there! We started freaking out and laughing because we thought maybe everyone forgot or didn't know and we honestly thought we were going to be front row. We just stood there laughing about how we were going to be "smelling the stage and smelling the sweat"....we couldn't believe it! We didn't know how to get around and into the stage area so we walked around the block and little did we know there was a huge line waiting to get in. We couldn't stop laughing because we honestly thought we were going to be front row..yeah right, in our dreams. So we got in line at around 4 and waited and waited..
Little did we know what was going to happen...all of a sudden this security guy yells for everyone to stand up. So we stood up and then all of a sudden the line is moving and everyone is running!! Obviously we started running and honestly it was pure madness! So for the next hour this single file line that there was turns into a big clump of people that stretches for a few blocks and everyone is squished together. Everyone was pushing and shoving and it was insane! Every couple minutes everyone would move forward and our bodies were getting squished together and it hurt so bad. No joke. I don't think I have ever been so closterphobic in my life. Sara and I were holding each others hands trying to stay together. Will was like 10 feet in front of us and we didn't want to lose him so we had to get scrappy and get up to him. Finally we got into the area where the stage was and we were probably 35 feet from the stage! We had to wait another hour and 1/2 before the show would start. We couldn't get over what just happened and the stampede that we were just in. It was madness but it honestly was so much fun. The effect of standing for 4 hours finally was staring to hit us and we started to get so tired. We took turns sitting on the ground and leaning on each other. All of a sudden music started to play and they came out! They played Yellow, the Scientist, Viva la Vida, Every teardrop is a waterfall, Charlie Brown, Paradise, and Fix You. It honestly was so amazing! The music sounded incredible live and it was so worth it! There were people in front of us so we couldn't see Coldplay actually playing but I got to see the heads a little and Chris Martin dancing around. It was so fun to be there and hear them play! So after the concert ended sara and I went back to sleep for 1 hour and sadly Will had to go to work with no sleep. Poor guy. Overall it was totally worth it and we had such a fun time together! I think all of us with the lack of sleep and the pain from standing so long made for some funny memories. I guess this is where you say " You had to be there"
So the rest of the time in New York was filled with walking around the city and having so much fun showing Annabelle fun things! Having a little kid there definitely makes the trip a little more fun! Picture overload....
In the line at 4 in the morning!!
little did we know that everyone was going to start running any second.
this was hilarious. Sara and Will couldn't take it any longer and just had to sit on the floor.we were soooo tired and sore from standing
Coldplay finally came can sort of see them in this picture
got to give Emma Perry a bath...she is so perfect.
Amanda looks like she never even had a baby..she looks great!
Went to the Shake GOOD!!!
This was Annabelle's face every time a train went by..haha
PS. Emma Perry had to be the most perfect baby. I miss her so much! I was so happy I was able to go up to New York and meet her.