Friday, November 25, 2011


This year for Thanksgiving we went up to my Aunts house in Salt Lake. Two of our cousins slept over the night before and they rode up with us. It was so fun to spend so much time with extended family and enjoy some good food :)
The rest of the family went up to New York. I was definitely sad I wasn't there but we got to Skype with them which was fun! I couldn't have a Thanksgiving without my moms sour cream apple walnut pie! It's my favorite. Obviously it didn't turn out like hers but I still enjoyed it! I am so thankful for so many things and family is definitely at the top of my list! So i am thankful i got to spend the day with some of them!

The cousin crew
It was a great thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a good one!
Recent pictures...

Allison bought like 20 frames and so we've been doing a lot of spray painting...
The weekend i got back from Maryland, lauren and I stayed inside for 2 whole days and all we did was watch stuff on Netflix and cook food. However we did try to venture out to go see a dollar movie at 11 at night..we brought our blankets and we were so excited but we show up and apparently everyone in Provo wanted to go see a movie that night and it was packed!! So we just went back home and watched more netflix. Such a fun weekend!

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