Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good times.

Sara and annabelle fighting over the computer haha
annabelle wanted the computer to herself and was trying to take over while sara and I were trying to talk. It was so funny!!
sara's got to have her diet dr.pepper!
just enjoying lunch with sweet Julia through the computer :) it was so fun to see the girls and talk to them! miss you guys!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

New York, New York

Well I have been all over lately. I went to New Hampshire for 1 1/2 weeks to babysit and then to Boston to take a bus to New York to see William and Amanda...and THEN took another bus to Maryland and packed and flew to Utah and here I am! Crazy. I have been going non-stop ( no wonder why I feel so exhausted!! )
I could only be in New York for a day and a half so not too long. Will and Amanda got a new apartment and I was so happy I was able to see before going to Utah. It is so much bigger than there other place and it has AMAZING amenities!! pool and everything else you can imagine.
Amanda took me around during the day and we walked around and went to some stores. Later that evening Will and I went swimming and later went out for dessert. It was so good to see them! I am so sad that I won't be able to see the new baby for a while but I told them I was expecting pictures 24/7!!! Thanks for having me will and amanda!
How cute does she look pregnant??!
funny chocolate store
having a good time in the park. i was just about to push Will in...haha
view from there new apartment.
I'll miss you guys!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My temporary home.

So Sara just requested photos of my room and so here I am in my new room and I decided to write about whats been happening lately. Warning: Its long.
Since I have been so busy these past couple of weeks it really hadn't hit me that I was actually moving to Utah. I spent my last day hanging out with Sara and the girls, Kayla and the rest of the fam. I wasn't really eager to pack so I left most of it for the morning I left--not so smart! I was just throwing things in because I honestly felt like I was just going on another trip and I was just "visiting" Utah. I guess I was just kidding myself because I now realize this is no "trip" , I'm here to stay. That night 20 minutes before Best Buy closed my parents surprised me with letting me go get a new computer! So Sara and Brad followed me and I was in and out in 10 minutes. I had to say goodbye to sara in the parking lot which was so hard. We both cried like babies. She has been my best friend and an AWESOME sister and i will miss her so much. I could go on forever.
That next morning I had to say goodbye to the rest of the f
amily. Tears everywhere. Saying goodbye to Kayla was so hard. I didn't want to make her sad and so I was trying to hold back but I just couldn't. I cried like a baby. Hugging my dad goodbye was especially hard. He has been my buddy while at home. We usually always went into our family room and talked about our schedules for the day and just life in the morning. I will miss that. He was always in and out during the day and it was so nice to see him so often and catch up on each others day. Love you dad!
I am not going away forever but it's still so hard. Luckily, my AMAZING mom came out to help us get everything we needed and just spend more time with us. We got in at 2 am and that morning Allison started her job. My mom decided that they wanted a car out here for me and allison so most of our days consisted of driving in the car and going car shopping. Let me tell you it is not what I expected. I officially hate car shopping. It is fun for the first hour but after 2 or 3 days I was not a fan. We had fun going to Ikea and getting bed stuff and looking around. The big thing for me was that as I was walking around Ikea I came across this huge tree picture/canvas thing. I didn't even question getting it. I just had to get it. I didn't know if it would go in my new room but no matter what i was going to have it. It reminds me of Maryland so much and I always used to take walks on the trails by our house and I just love all the trees. And it just screamed me. It was okay to put together and only took little nails to hang up so overall really easy. After getting that my room came together like that! My room turned out really nice and so peaceful. It reminds me of my room at home and I just love it! Obviously I didn't need it but my Mom was so sweet and wanted to make it feel more like home for me and made it all very nice for me. It was so nice to have my mom here and I kept on telling allison that she is lucky mom was here because I would have been in a very bad mood and very homesick if she wasn't here! haha. On monday we all took a drive up to Sundance and walked around. I love it up there! It was so beautiful and made me love Utah so much more! Sadly my mom left this morning and let me just say I HATE goodbyes. It kind of hit me after she left that this is it and I'm staying in Utah and I kept on thinking to myself " what did I get myself into?"
I will miss my mom so very much. It kind of feels weird to know that I won't live with my mom and dad anymore and I am sort of just on my own and making my own decisions. Its good and exciting but I still will miss my family so much! So today has been really hard day but on a good note this week is Education week so I think I am going to go to some classes and enjoy that. Allison had to work today and so I just had the apartment to myself which made me miss my family even more! I decided it would be a chill day and so I watched a few episodes of Lie To Me on Netflix, thanks to Sara and Brad! It is my new favorite show. Sara wanted pictures of my room so I put a few below. Well tomorrow I am going to go on campus and explore and do some school! I will miss home and Maryland so much but I am excited about things and eager to try my best in school!
Cafe rio. Pork salad and burrito. enough said.
New computer! but HP you will be missed.
My last night I slept with Kayla and she woke up in the middle of the night for about an hour and we played on the computer and just snuggled and talked. a.k.a --PERFECT last night at home. It was so adorable. I miss her so much.
Going to miss this little girl like crazy.
I think I packed too many candles and frames. whoops! Its fine though because i talked Allison into putting them all over. And she thought I couldn't do it! ha!
With a batch of could it not feel like home? :)
Going to miss her.
Love you Mom!
new roomie
This is the tree picture I got. It looks like the sun from the window is doing that but that is how the picture is. It is so beautiful and reminds of Maryland every time I look at it. It makes the room so peaceful.
my room.
gotta pick out some pictures for the frames