Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kayla turns 3!

Well Kayla recently turned 3 years old. So crazy to think how fast the time has gone by. Kayla loves this place called Monkey Joe's up in Hagerstown by Sara's house. It is filled with huge moon bounces....even I have fun. It is such a blast. We had so much fun and after went to Sara's house to have cupcakes. Kayla had such a fun day. A few words about kayla: Well basically I am obsessed with her! She is so cute and has such a funny personality. Since she lives with me I see her almost all the time( a little too much). I love having conversations with her and she makes me laugh so hard. She is such the little character.I always love taking her on little activities...we love to go to Panera Bread together or Party city and look around. She is like the little sister I never had. I just love her!
Kayla's cute Birthday chair! Sara decorated the room so cute...It was decked out in cute pink decorations!
Spencer,Andrew, and Katharine came. Kayla loved having them there
Annabelle and Kayla were running around like crazy..they love that place!
Exhausted from a long day.
I started this new little tradition with Kayla. Well around lunch she always come up to my room and we make this cute little bed and watch this show called-Cailou. I bring up lunch and we eat together. Its our fun little bonding moment during the day:)HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)
Gorgeous Night.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cute video of Kayla on Halloween

PS. Allison was a baby for Halloween and wasn't just wearing that big sleeper for fun. Well know that she found how comfortable they are..she does now.
I thought it was so weird Kayla randomly named her pumpkin Charlie..I guess it looks like a charlie??

Monday, November 1, 2010


This year I took Kayla out trick-or-treating to a few houses in our neighborhood before she went to Kentlands later with Adrienne. I have never seen kayla so excited for something! She had so much fun going to each door and picking out candy. She would run to each house full speed- After Kayla got her candy from each house she wouldn't waste time and put it in her bag..she would unwrap it and eat it while she was running to the next house. Don't know where she got that idea but it was genius. She had so much fun and it really made me jealous- I want to be a little kid again and go trick or treating!!!! It was a blast :)
Kayla and allison putting blush on each other before going out
Kayla's cute pink fairy costume or tinkerbell- she was going with either one.
our cute pumpkin.
She was waiting on the front porch for a while waiting to start going out and trick-or-treating!
Me my adorable trick-or-treating buddy!
Right after her first happy!!
Couldn't quite figure out the Pixie Stick candy...very amusing to watch.
She came back home to tell everyone how it went and was rushing right back out:)
Running down the street- she was super excited!!!
Eating her candy on the go...she couldn't stop. she had to keep on going!
Allison told her to look at the camera and this is the face she makes..I guess she really got into the Halloween spirit:)


I got some adorable photos of kayla playing outside with Annabelle. They were having so much fun throwing leaves at each other. Annabelle kept on running behind me because Kayla was throwing leaves at her. They were having so much fun! I love all these Fall leaves! they are so beautiful.
I love this one...they were having a blast