Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer days

I went up to Sara's for a few days and had a lot of fun! We went to the water park in west virigna and had a lot of fun with the girls. Sara and I even got to go down the slides! It was so nice to go to the water park when it was SOOO hot outside! And when we got back we had a fun dance party. haha video later..Thanks sara for a fun time!! :)

I just love her smile!! she's the cutest.
Stylish Annabelle..
The girls enjoying there rice cakes..
This was what Annabelle did all day. Wiping her eyes. Even when she didn't even get them wet!! She was so paranoid of getting water in them..too funny:)
Little Julia had no fear!! She crawled straight over the water! She needed to teach Annabelle a thing or two.
HAHA this was Annabelle all afternoon.
ha and this was me....I just loved getting buckets of water dropped on me!ha i was not acting my age. I miss being little..
That night we had a Dance Party or should I say the fisher girls had a dance party. I just enjoyed controlling the music while laughing at them. They had some pretty awesome moves..
Like mother like daughter :)
Julia wanted to join the fun
Took Kayla out to Potbelly's Saturday night.We both were wearing our new summer dresses!! She looked adorable!! I forgot how crazy parking would be on a Saturday night so we were driving around for about 20 minutes trying to find parking anywhere!! And i said that maybe we should just forget it and go somewhere else but Kayla said " NO! we will find a spot! We just have to keep on looking.We need our milkshakes!!!" Her positive attitude inspired me to look once more and amazingly we found one right in front of Potbelly's. She got out and said " see i told you??!! " What a cutie.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sweet Annabelle

I just had to post this adorable video of Annabelle playing the piano while singing. how cute!!


It has been really nice outside lately and I have loved being outside. By our house there is a pond and there is a trail I always take and it leads off in many different directions. My favorite thing is to take new ones and have no idea where I am going. Walking in the HOT weather isn't so bad because there are so many trees that give me shade. I love just walking in the woods with the nice sound of water right next to me.It's so peaceful and I rarely see anyone else on them. A few days ago I was about to cross a stream and I guess I wasn't looking down and I smell something really bad so I looked down and 2 feet in front of me was a dead deer being eaten by thousands of bugs. I turned around because I didn't feel right just passing it...disgusting. Anyways, I'm loving this nice weather!!!

I was on this trail for hour and a half and had no idea where I was. That's the fun of it though. I finally had to turn around because it was degrees outside and had no water!!!!
not a bad view.
Had to throw a picture of Kayla in here. She is adorable!!!
she is the cutest.
love her so much!