Saturday, January 29, 2011

And I am the weak one?....

Well this is the 4th day of being Gluten free and Sweet free! To be honest I am being a lot stronger than i thought I would be. Don't get me wrong it is hard! Allison wrote on her blog that I was the weak one..False!She is the weak one (no offense allison).Besides last night when I wanted a sweet I haven't wanted a sweet once.Well except for the first hour of this No Sweets thing and my Dad walks in from Costco with Brownies and other sweet things...really dad? did you have to do that to me! Last night Sara, Brad, and the girls were over and Brad was eating some of the Brownies and I told him to enjoy on for me. He did and he ate it right in front of me.How cruel. To show how strong I was in front of Allison who was struggling with the temptation, I put the brownie half in my mouth and smelled it and then I put it down. That is commitment right there. haha and I am the weak one?! Moving on. This Gluten Free thing is hard but I am getting used to it. My lunch no longer consists of PB&J's, it consists of lettuce wraps!mmmm...yummy!
I can't notice any difference in how I am feeling but I think it will take some time (hopefully).My mom got me two different kinds of Gluten free bread. I thought to myself how is bread without wheat even possible? Anyways, it is better than I thought it would be especially when I put jam on it and that takes the weird taste away. It will have to do. Gluten things are everywhere!! My mom just got cinnamon raisin bread from the Amish Market and I just had to go upstairs! really mom? hide it! Allison and I joined Planet Fitness together this past week. I have been a member of Fitness First but Planet Fitness had an amazing deal so I switched. You can have free personal trainer sessions whenever you want! Allison and I already met with the guy. He asked what our goal is and I pointed to my body and said "All of this". haha. Allison pulled me into her new workout goals and we started to do this Jillian Michaels video: Six Pack in Six weeks. It is so intense but I like it and every time I do it I get better. The morning after doing it I was SO sore. Walking down the stairs, putting on shoes, and everything else killed! No joke. It is such a good video. Luckily I am not doing it today because we are only doing it 5 times a week. We will see how long I last..or should I say how long will Allison last.
My message to Allison:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She started!

My sister Allison has had a blog for quite some time now but hasn't done anything with it besides using it to look at other peoples blogs. She finally started! go check her out:

This will be hard.

Well Allison came into my room late last night and told me she decided to do "NO SWEETS" for a month. I said, " Oh cool, that's going to be hard" I could tell she was looking for more than that. So I agreed to do this with her. I don't know how she got me to agree but now that I think about it I think she planned coming in so late because I was so tired and kind of out of it so I didn't really realize what I was agreeing to. Yikes. So goodbye to my favorite theory which is: Stressed = Desserts. (Desserts is Stressed spelled backwards). Hello carrots! It will be tough because I have no will power my family says. I just say who cares!Well I thought it was a good idea to post it so I actually have to do it. I can only cheat on Valentines Day. Allison isn't going to cheat at all and she isn't too happy about me cheating but she should just be happy I am doing this with her. So there will probably be a couple of posts on this adventure of mine. Goodbye yummy desserts..we will meet again!haha
And to add to this my mom was talking to this lady who has a niece who has some of the same stomach issues I have and said she went on a gluten-free diet and her life was changed. At first I had no idea what is was. I looked it up and Wheat, barley, and rye are all off-limits. That includes basically everything I eat! Breads, cereals, pasta, and everything else that is good! My mom wants me to at least try it. I guess I do to but It will be hard! I mean what will I eat??! All this change will be hard but if it helps my stomach then great! We will see how it goes. Well so long Gluten foods :(
To be honest I am happy I am doing this because I want to see if it makes me feel different. I will be more healthy which is good. Here are some goodbye pictures..haha i know I am lame!

It has been fun making you every once in a while. See you in a month!
Farewell my two favorite boys. Ben and jerry
So many times you have helped me start my morning at Panera
No more PB&J's at lunch. I guess a salad will have to do
Cereal you will be greatly missed

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My goal

Among other goals I have, I made a goal that this week to go outside whether its somewhere I have to drive to or somewhere close to take some photos. I haven't done it in a while because Life has been so busy and I have been delaying it.I miss it!! Winter will leave soon and I didn't take one picture! I am not expecting any great photos but we'll see.

The Buried Life

Well I came across this show called "The Buried Life"
It is about 4 boys as they travel across the USA in a purple bus they named "Penelope" to complete a list of "100 things to do before you die." For every item they try to complete on their list, they help a stranger achieve one of their dreams and encourage others to go after their own lists. Everywhere they go they ask the question: "What do you want to do before you die?" They have crossed off most of the numbers off of their list. Ranging from asking a girl out to surviving on a desert island, the boys are always doing something different. It is so fun to watch and makes me laugh. These boys are crazy!! It is an awesome show.
Yeah they do some crazy things.
This is Ben. He is my favorite guy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New York City

I am pretty sure I got the 24 hour stomach virus yesterday.It was horrible. Sounds gross but I have never thrown up so much.Not fun. Luckily I could keep a sip of water down today and I am feeling better. Well since I have taken a lot of little naps today I can't fall asleep so I decided to do a post!Well this is long overdue but here are some pictures from New York. My mom and I went up the night of Thanksgiving to go visit Will,Amanda, and Mark. The few times I have gone up to New York I leave feeling I have seen everything and walked everywhere. I am so wrong. My mom and I basically walked straight for a day and a half.Good exercise! We did so many fun things. We saw the place where the movie Enchanted was filmed, went to Serendipity(so delicious!), walked through Central Park, went to FAO Swartz, saw so many neat stores, went to an awesome candy store,and went to the Today Show!Thanks so much for showing us new things every time we come will and Amanda! It was a great trip. Cold but great! I loved spending time with my Mom. Here are some pictures.Suprise suprise a lot of pictures
Outside the Today show
Rockefeller Center.

Love this shot
Beautiful tree in Central Park
Picture with the amazing Lego Santa Clause. It was amazing
Mom was happy as can be when she got her favorite nuts
Amanda got to take a break from work and walk through Central Park with us.
Amanda being creative
My mom was so excited to see this fountain. It is where they filmed a scence from Enchanted- one of her favorite movies
This little market was selling these huge warm hats. I wanted one so badly but they were really expensive. So fun to try on though!
This one place had a huge table of so many different kinds of spices and herbs.It was really neat to smell all the different kinds.
This was a really awesome store. This lady collects cookbooks from everywhere around the world and sells them. She even had a signed book from Julia Child.
William making me laugh so hard. We had such a good time
Amazing Candy store.
Since the wait at Serendipity was 2 hours we got dinner at Subway. We all relaxed and were very warm while we ate and talked in Subway till they closed!
Finally got some frozen hot chocolate!! It was so delicious. None of us were really hungry since we just had dinner but we surprisingly finished both desserts! Totally worth the wait
William and I running as fast as we could to see who could jump higher. Obviously it was no question who won. I love when ever I go up to New York Will and I always race each other!Whether it's to the end of the street or it's many streets. It's so much fun to spend time with him and Amanda.
Mark heading off to work with his new "New York Jacket" we found at a little market. It was a great deal.
Found this wall of shoes. It was an american flag and I realized that as we were leaving. At first I had no idea why we were getting our picture taken with it!haha