Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The best time of year

My favorite season has to be Fall.I mean after Fall comes winter/christmas can life get better than that? When I think of Fall i think of: pumpkins, halloween, candy, perfect weather, thanksgiving, apple cider, scarfs, nice walks, candles, pretty car rides, raking leaves, games, friends, haunted forest, pumpkin patches, pumpkin ice cream, hayrides, carmel apples, crunchy leaves, pies, picture taking, family birthdays, and my favorite thing about fall is the changing color of the trees!!! I take more pictures during the fall than probably the entire year.Fall just makes me so happy!! I love it :) I can't get enough of the beautiful trees and all the many colors :)
Especially in maryland there is so many trees and the beauty is everywhere. I know Utah will be gorgeous but it definitely makes me miss home more than ever. I will miss looking in my backyard and seeing piles and piles of fallen leaves on the ground. Last year I took the little girls out in our backyard and they had a blast playing in the leaves and got some great pictures! Hopefully I will visit sometime before christmas and be there to enjoy some of the Fall fun!
Here are two old blog posts that i did on fall with some of my favorite pictures:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The falls

A few days ago allison and i went to Bridal Falls. Loved getting so close to the freezing water!! All of it was just beautiful! it was a gorgeous day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

out and about

Here are some pictures from Stewart Falls and hiking the Y. Stewart Falls was amazing!! It was definitely the highlight of Utah so far for me. The view of all the mountains and trees was BEAUTIFUL!!! On the way it started to rain and was just perfect! And today Allison, Lauren, and I hiked up the Y. When we got up there it felt so good!! We relaxed and sat and enjoyed the view for while. We ran the entire way down and all of a sudden it started to rain and it felt so good! Anyways it was definitely a climb but it was awesome!

Adventure #1: Stewart Falls
Adventure #2 : the Y
Me and lauren have a new dance. It's called the Hitch dance. we do it daily..of course we had to do it on the Y! this is makin the pizza
cue tip is going in the trash...
"you don't need no pizza...they got food there"
we really love doing it as you can see. Also, i think we were a little tired from walking so we were a little too goofy..whats new??
i am so happy this girl is in provo. We hang out all the time and have so much fun together! We are basically making up for loss time!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the little ones.

3 things Utah doesn't have:

Not cool.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

eat and chill--It was that kind of night

Lauren and I had a pretty eventful night last saturday which consisted of eating and chilling and then some more eating and chilling. Sounds fun?? yea I know. We wanted to get out and do something active so we walked a few streets to the creamery and got ice cream. That exercise went down the drain! We sat and and started to eat and we looked around and started to realize we were surrounded by a million people on dates. We could not stop laughing because it honestly looked like we were in a speed dating room. We couldn't stand it so we just went outside and ate. Walking to and from the creamery was the extent of our "adventurous" outing and since lauren had never seen Modern Family, it was my duty has her friend to show it to her. We watched a few episodes obviously it was amazing. Can't wait for the new season! We felt like eating again so we or should I say I made banana bread while Lauren was stressing out about how dark her hair is. Lauren dyed her hair and it turned out a lot darker than she thought and hates it! This week i went with her and she got it fixed and it looks great! While the bread was baking we played around on photo booth which is more entertaining than i thought and then we watched Hitch. Even though it was a very exhausting night we had fun! just kidding.. but all the sitting around we did makes up for the long hike we did the night before--stewart falls which was to come.
"We are going to steal the MOON!!!! " - despicable me
we went thermal. photo booth is very entertaining!
excuse the weird hands...the rides can get pretty intense
just chillin on the beach...

--Allison and I buy bananas thinking we will eat them but they actually just sit there until there to old to eat. So this is probably the 3rd time I have made bread since I have been here...not that I mind doing it at all. Its oh so delicious :)
We continued to soak the bread in sweet frosting and watch the movie Hitch. One of my favorite movies. Will Smith and Kevin James are genius together and make me laugh the entire movie! Overall, I would say it was a good Saturday night :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ellen and Jenny from the block.

This video is so hilarious!!!!! I am literally laughing the entire time. Ellen makes her do so many funny this!!