Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Dinner


We couldn't stop laughing when they were singing...they were so loud!
Licking the frosting and only the frosting...they would.
Singing Happy Birthday
For Sara's birthday the four sisters and Brad all went out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Mom stayed home and babysat the girls. First off- Sara looked so cute and totally looked like the Birthday girl. While we were waiting we all went to H&M to look around. After shopping we went to dinner. It was so fun for us to be together..it has been a while, well without kids running around. One of the funny moments of the night was when the servers came to sing Happy Birthday to Sara and they sounded like a professional singing group and it was very loud..it was very funny! Well we had a great night and we all felt bad for Brad who was the only guy....hah. Here are some pics.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


These pictures make me laugh, she is so funny.

In action. One of our similar hobbies-making cookies:)

where do I begin??First off Today is Sara's Birthday!!!!! This post is all about Sara. First off she is my best friend :) It's funny because she is the oldest and I am the youngest and we get along so well. One day we were talking and we were wondering why all of a sudden were we so close? I came up with a very funny conclusion but I think it might be the truth. I told her that once she got pregnant and started to grow a bigger appetite I then started to hang out with her.HAHA. Thats probably not the only reason but it sure does make me laugh. Sara is honestly the best. Sara is so fun to be with..I love going to her house and spending time there. I always look forward to going up to Sara's house. I guess you could say Sara and I have a certain routine when I go up there. It consists of making cookies and usually just eating the cookie dough. Usually during the girls nap Sara and I chill and watch some shows on there DVR..gotta love that thing. Recently we went to Target to see if they had anything cute...so we were in the dressing room and since Sara just had the baby she wanted to try on these really tight tank tops...the kind that basically sucks everything in so you cant breathe(takes like 5 pounds off). So i guess its a good thing. I tried one on for fun and Sara says" you should get it...it looks so good". I immediately responded back by saying, "No. I don't need one. What I need is to go to the gym!" This made us laugh so hard and still makes us laugh every time we think about it. I love how we can be brutally honest with each other.haha

Sara is such an example to me. She is such a peacemaker and is so easy to get along with. She gives me such good advice and I hope I can have such an amazing and cute family like she does one day.. preferably living next door to her. Oh the fun we would have if that were to happen. It is so nice to have her close by and I know I can always talk to her about anything. We always have a great time whether its planning how to get healthy,pigging out, watching TV, going on a quickie shopping trip, or just doing nothing I love spending time with her!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mom's Birthday.

For my Mom's Birthday she wanted to go down to DC for the National Book Festival. It was extremely hot and so crowded so we decided it would be best if we went inside some museums. My favorite by far was the one with all the animals. They had this amazing fish tank with beautiful fishes. I also watched this short movie about the sea. It was really neat stuff.
Happy Birthday Mom! You're the best and I look up to you so much. Love you!
Awesome fish tank!!!
Dory...just keep swimming..just keep swimming
I saw this and thought it was so neat
Dory and Nemo together
I never knew a moose was so big...yikes!
Kayla had so much fun climbing up all the stairs

Billy Goat Trail

So before it gets too cold my Mom, Allison, and I decided to do the Billy Goat Trail. It honestly was so fun. We did section A which I found is the hardest out of the three. It wasn't too hard but not too easy. It was such nice weather and there were amazing views along the way. We had to climb up rocks and stuff like that which was so fun! We had a really good workout as well and I am definelty going back before it gets too cold!