Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maryland Visit

Here are just some of the pictures from when I went home to visit....
It was so nice to see everybody and be back in Maryland for a little bit. I got to spend so much time with my nieces and the family. I was able to go to New York and see my new baby niece - Emma! New York was a blast and got to see Coldplay LIVE! It was so much fun!!!
My first day back I spent all day with Kayla and it was Sara's birthday so they came down and we went to Cafe Rio! Lets just say it was a good day...

Shopper in Training ( but in reality she doesn't need any training...she's a pro.)
She was so funny while shopping...."well catherine, its halloween time and we don't have and candy corns so we have to get them". Oh well of course then! We did self check-out and she swiped everything and bagged it and carried them to the car! I felt useless! She was such great helper. She is getting so big!
I tell Kayla I'm taking a picture and she naturally gives me this pose.haha
Shopping is very draining...And yes i know i shouldn't have been capturing this cute moment while driving but i couldn't resist..
I'm obsessed with this girl.
she has to wear a pair of heels everywhere
Annabelle and Kayla doing their "Halloween scary faces" I LOVE annabelles side little pose she was doing
Annabelle was taking it very seriously while Kayla was trying to keep a straight face!